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Impaired Driving in Toronto: What You Need to Know

Facing an impaired driving charge can be emotionally taxing and intimidating for the average Toronto resident. The Criminal Code of Canada makes it illegal to operate a moving vehicle if blood alcohol level is higher than .08%. Many factors contribute to an increase in blood alcohol concentration over the course of an evening. Age, gender, body type, and frequency of consumption are all important factors in determining how much is too much to drink. Self-assessment is not recommended when determining if you are impaired. Sticking to the rule of one drink per hour is more reliable and easy to do. It is always important to note how much alcohol was consumed prior to driving, regardless of how close or far one is from the legal limit. Keep reading to learn how to protect yourself after an impaired driving charge has been laid in your name.

Legal Representation


In Canada, one is innocent until proven guilty. In order to deter an unlawful charge, seek legal advice. Lawyers can help ease the process of dealing with an impaired driving charge while simultaneously fighting for justice. Knowledge is power, and understanding individual rights can help one navigate through this stressful process. For example, most Toronto residents do not realize they are under no legal obligation to perform a sobriety test on command. One is however, obligated to take a breathalyzer test upon the request of a police officer. Lawyers can help fight for a record of the breathalyzer reading as well as video evidence of intoxication. By seeking legal advice, one can compartmentalize the events leading up to the charge and thus be more prepared to fight any questionable claims made.


The Consequences


The ramifications of an impaired driving charge in Toronto vary from person to person. After a first offence, all people will receive a criminal record however. In addition to having a permanent black mark, a charge will result in the following as well:

  • Loss of employment. Many companies require employees to drive to meet clients or simply to work each day. A one-year license suspension is put in place once a conviction is processed.
  • Increase in insurance rates. Experts estimate an increase in premiums equal to $15,000 dollars over three years. Companies view people who have a criminal record for drunk driving as high risk.
  • Significant financial burden. For a first offence, an individual can expect to pay almost $20,000 in mandatory fees. This figure includes a license reinstatement fee, the installation of a breathalyzer in the vehicle, as well as a mandatory remedial course.

Get in Touch

If you have been slammed with an impaired driving charge in Toronto, contact the best ticket management company in the GTA to help better understand your rights as a Canadian citizen. Use your stressful energy to combat the ticket and proactively seek advice from a friendly, experienced, and knowledgeable organization. The best companies will not rest until you are satisfied and provide easy payment plans for legal advice. The benefits of being proactive surely outweigh the costs of letting the police win automatically. The Charter gives Canadians the freedom to question authority. It is your responsibility to do so. 
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